Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Style of Prayer

This is One Way Praying

1. Begin by stating the power you honor
(i.e. Universe, The Goddess, God, Allah, Life, Divine Source, Divine Self,  etc.)

2. State that there is only goodness and divine qualities in the universe (i.e. I know there is only truth, love, peace, harmony, and abundance.)

3. State and declare it that You (or the person or thing you are praying for) is one the divine (i.e. I know that Billy is one with the great power and divine source)

4. State clearly the thing you desire and be detailed and clear
(i.e.more money, peace, safety, higher self-esteem, etc)

5. Say thank you
(i.e. Thank you Great Mother for my new home)

6. Affirm that the prayer has been fulfilled
(i.e. I know this prayer is done, well and now, perfectly and completely)

7. Release and closing
(ie.e I release and let go. In accordance with my highest and greatest good. Let it be so or And so it is)

(Based on The Science of Mind Method)

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